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Space Base Welcomed the First Arrival of Oversea Visitors for Electric Power Training
Issued Time :2019-09-02 17:38:10

      At 9:00 am on September 2, 2019, Shaanxi Operation & Maintenance Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "O&M Power") held the opening ceremony cum welcoming ceremony for the trainees from Cameroon Mekin hydropower station. Vice president Mr. Xin, business manager Mr. Ge and engineer Mr. Liu from China National Electric Engineer CO.,LTD (CNEEC) as well as chairman Mr. Qu, vice president Mr. Yin, second division general manager Mr. Dong and marketing manager Mr. Xue from O&M power and trainees from Cameroon's hydropower station attended the ceremony which is hosted by translation department manager Mrs Fei.

    Mr. Qu delivered the opening speech at the opening ceremony. He warmly welcomed the leaders of CNEEC and all the trainees from Cameroon and  briefly introduced the service scope and core business of O&M Power. He pointed out that Mekin hydropower station is a cooperative project under the diplomatic communication and the friendship framework agreement between China and Cameroon and a witness of the profound friendship between the peoples of two country.

    It is understood that the international electric power training center of O&M Power receives overseas power plant trainees training for a long time; it is equipped with the teaching building, the multimedia classroom, simulation training facilities for large thermal power unit and is able to undertake a variety of programs such as the simulation training for CCR personnel, anti-accident training, skills competition, skills identification and trainees practice. The training center has extensive technical exchanges and business cooperation with power plants and research institutes all over the country and it is especially good at providing high-level training services for overseas customers. The simulation center has 120 simulation terminals, which ensures that every trainee has one machine. The professional electric translators with TEM-8 certificate and Chinese and English bilingual training material are provided. In recent years, O&M Power has undertaken overseas electric power training in China for many times, and the number of graduates has reached 5000. O&M Power??s high-quality training has won widespread praise from customers.

    At the ceremony, Mr. Dong, the person in charge of the training introduced the overall arrangement of the training in detail. He said that the training would last three weeks, with two weeks of theoretical training and one week of on-site training. In order to ensure the quality of the training, we had the honor to invite two hydroelectricity experts from Shaanxi Electric Power Company to give lectures to trainees, and arranged a suitable hydroelectricity training base. Our colleagues from translation department would be the translators for the whole training.

      At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xin, the representative of CNEEC delivered a speech; he pointed out that the training is an important part of CNEEC Mekin hydropower station EPC contract. An invitationto China is to provide the trainees with more systematic and comprehensive theoretical training and practice in hydropower stations and substations. These training activities aim to further improve the technical level of Mekin hydropower station operators and enable them to operate independently as early as possible.

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